Jae Pak

Advisory Committee

Jae Pak has a passion for operations excellence that has been forged over his 25+ year career within financial services, education & advocacy non-profits, and the military. Over this time, he has consistently delivered operational transformations that have resulted in improved service delivery, cost reductions, and increasing ROI. Jae’s management expertise spans roles leading organizational capabilities such as customer service, operations, finance, PMO, IT, legal, policy, and communications teams.

Today, Jae leads the Research & Operations team in The Seminar Network (TSN), an organization committed to transforming our nation by partnering with social entrepreneurs to tackle the major challenges of our time. After leaving the military as an Army Captain, Jae advanced his career with different roles with Capital One Financial, The College Board, and International Baccalaureate. More recently, Jae was the President & COO of Concerned Veterans for America – a national veterans advocacy organization. In this role, Jae took a start-up veterans organization and helped turn it into a national force influencing Veterans Healthcare Policy at the federal level. Throughout his career, Jae has brought his vision and passion for operations excellence to exact needed change and organizational transformation in all his roles.

Jae earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics & ROTC Commission from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Richmond.