Dave Solatu


David Soltau moved to Arizona from Kentucky after completing his service with the Army. With over 25 years of Critical Care experience and nearly 30 years as an entrepreneur, David has been instrumental in managing corporate finances and has been a force of growth within Advanced Clinical Associates. David was military-trained as a Captain in the Army Nurse Corps. Throughout his nursing career, David has provided and managed care in the Emergency Department, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, and Cardiac Catheterization Lab. His experience in emergency situations has provided an invaluable framework for managing home health patients. David enjoys traveling, spending time with his children, coaching little league, and mountain biking in his free time.

Mail:  dave@acahealthservices.com


ACA has provided compassionate care for my 78 year old debilitating husband for several years.  While caring for him over the past 4 years, they always demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and have gone above and beyond their duties for my husband and family on countless occasions.

ACA’s highly skilled and friendly infusion nurses provided long-term infusions for my chronically ill child.  They made my child feel safe and comfortable during his monthly infusions that he has been receiving for the past 5 years.

Having nearly 20 medications that had to be taken multiple times per day, I struggled to take all of my medication as prescribed.  Because of their expertise, ACA helped me with my complex medication regimen.

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