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Infusion Therapy & Phlebotomy

ACA Infusion TherapyFor patients who require specialized infusion therapy, Advanced Clinical Associates offers Home Infusion Therapy Services as an alternative to the hospital setting by making it possible for patients to receive high-tech infusion therapy in the comfort of their own homes. Home infusion has proven to be a safe and cost effective alternative to inpatient care for many disease stages and therapies.

Advanced Clinical Associates offers Peripheral IV placement, Infusion therapy, and PICC line management. With the consultation of a physician, the ACA professionals create a plan of care that will provide the patient with the most effective intravenous medications needed to treat their symptoms. By providing these services in a home setting, we ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible while going through the treatment process.

In addition to offering infusion therapy, Advanced Clinical Associates also performs in home phlebotomy or blood drawing services. Monitoring specific blood levels allows the clinical team to closely monitor and understand exactly what the patient requires in order to heal.

Clinic Services

  • To create comprehensive care for patients, our “In Home” Infusion team provides the following:
  • Assessment and evaluations of patient health status for referring physicians
  • Educational and instructional materials
  • Procurement of blood samples for lab testing
  • Updates to primary care physicians
  • Ongoing reviews of services with primary physicians to promote the best treatment outcomes
  • Documentation of infusion therapy processes
  • Central line catheter care and troubleshooting
  • Placement of Peripheral Intravenous Lines (IV)
  • IV Medication ordering and follow-up
  • Subcutaneous and Intramuscular Injections of Medication

Home Phlebotomy

Pathology Request Form Syringe and TubeWhen it is too difficult or inconvenient to go to the laboratory draw station, Advanced Clinical Associates will come to you. Many chronic illnesses require regular monitoring through laboratory analysis. ACA accomplishes this task and assumes clinical accountability for tracking and scheduling future laboratory testing requirements. With strategic relationships with both Lab Corp International, and Sonoran Quest, the convenience of having your blood drawn in the luxury of your home is just a phone call away.