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Complex Wound Management

A complex wound that does not heal properly can pose serious health problems. Even wounds that are properly cared for are still at risk for infection and should be followed closely by medical professionals. Complex wounds can also extend hospitalization, prolong rehabilitation, and jeopardize patient outcomes.

Heal with Advanced Clinical Associates

Advanced Clinical Associates is quickly becoming one of the premier complex wound management companies in Phoenix, capable of managing any difficult wound in the comfort of a patient’s home. With strategic relationships with multiple wound clinics and Plastic Surgery groups in Phoenix, any type of wound service required can be managed.

From simple post-operative wound evaluation to complex wound vacuum systems and burn injury care, no wound is too complex for ACA’s highly trained clinicians.

Complex Wound Rehabilitation Program includes:

  • Professional skin care and clinical wound management
  • Simple post-operative wound evaluation
  • Complex Wound Vacuum Therapy and management
  • Nutritional counseling to ensure healthy healing process
  • Family conferences and education
  • Patient-specific seating and positioning protocols
  • IV therapy (TPN, antibiotics)