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About Advanced Clinical Associates

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Advanced Clinical Associated (ACA) is a healthcare company managing highly complex and catastrophic patients in a home setting.  ACA has developed a clinical system that allocates various resources groups needed to manage high acuity patients in the comfort of their own home.

Since it’s inception, Advanced Clinical Associates has been a leader in minimizing costs to insurance companies, all while maximizing benefits to patients and their families.  Each division of ACA reflects it’s dedication to patient satisfaction, clinical accountability, and cost reduction, all while maintaining positive patient outcomes.

History & Culture

Advanced Clinical Associates was founded in 2007 by David Soltau and Kris Izdebski.  Originally entering the market as medical staffing agency, ACA sent highly qualified clinicians into hospitals and other healthcare institutions to assist with their staffing shortages.  While contracted with a long-term acute care (LTAC) facility in Phoenix Arizona, ACA was offered the opportunity to open a long-term Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and provide medical staffing for the unit. Within a few short months of working in this ICU setting, both David and Kris recognized that most of the high acuity, long-term patients could be managed safely in their own home if the ICU setting could be established within the home.  David and Kris’s vision was to manage complex patients, by highly skilled clinicians, in the patient’s own home.

Thanks to the vision of a revolutionary health care management system and an abundance of highly qualified human capital within the company, ACA rapidly transformed from a small medical staffing business into a truly unique home health care agency, specializing in the management of complex medical cases.  Advanced Clinical Associates recognized a growing demand not only for skilled home care services, but also for clinical experts who are able to deliver the highest quality care.

The experience I have had with ACA has been unprecedented, unrivaled, and unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone requiring skilled nursing care. Thank you for everything.


To provide the highest quality of care to clinically challenging patients in a home setting, all while ensuring cost-effective products and services to insurance companies.

Mission Statement

Advanced Clinical Associates is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive home health care for patients with complex medical needs.

We are committed to establishing a higher standard of health care through education, integrity, and compassion for all our patients.


The cornerstone of Advanced Clinical Associates is our 4 core values:

Patients First

Advanced Clinical Associates was founded on the principle that patients come first.  As a result, ACA has developed a system, which revolves around this core value.  We understand how difficult it is to deal with an ailment and we feel it is our responsibility to make the experience as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

Expertise and Clinical Accountability

Advanced Clinical Associates has assembled an interdisciplinary team of highly trained clinicians allowing us to provide the best outcomes for our patients.  Focusing on expertise and clinical accountability, our team recognizes problems and discusses them with physicians and other team members, to ensure the best patient outcomes.


Advanced Clinical Associates’ goal is to provide the best clinical outcomes and to create a foundation of excellence within the firm.  We expect the best from our team and as a result we provide the best for our patients.  Our goal is to provide a model of excellence for the entire home health care industry.


We have a passion to devote our time and services to our patients in order to render their ability to live more freely and comfortably.  We feel it is our duty to find the most efficient and beneficial solutions for our patients.